This is the homepage for the MiniXMMSctrl project, which is a fork of xmmsctrl. Our goal is a minimalistic implementation of a xmms remote-control which has as little functionality as the multimedia keys on 'internet-enabled' keyboards.

The original 'xmmsctrl' provided a bit of a shell-script function framework of sorts. MiniXMMSctrl contains all parts of the original framework, and due to the fact it is even more lightweight than the original xmmsctrl, it could be adapted to do almost any task, including mission-critical tasks, with very little effort. the flexibility of the function framework in MiniXMMSctrl is vast. If anyone makes anything out of MiniXMMSctrl's framework, please send me an email. If I get enough email, I'll start linking to the sites of the projects which use it.

Current release is 0.1

A C compiler from this century. (tested with gcc 3.4.4)
A POSIX operating system (that works, Linux recommended)
A computer (a working one is a plus, and 166MHz is a reomendation for CPU speed)
A monitor (this too, a working one is a plus)
A keyboard (as long as it works enough to type in 'make')
A mouse (optional, don't know how you would use a terminal with a mouse)

You can email me at segin2005 [AT] gmail [DOT] com.

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